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Group health insurance: - A plan that provides health insurance coverage to a select group of people.

Group Health Insurance plans are the major benefits offered by the number of employers. These plans are uniform in nature and offer the same benefits to the all employees of the group.

Cost of the Group insurance plan is usually less as compared to individual mediclaim plan that offers the same health coverage.

Employee benefits are the core functionality of the Human resource department of any organization. Now these days, employees are more curious about the health insurance plans that an organization offers.

Most of the employee benefits are under the full control of the organization but in case of Medicalim plans, there is dependency on third party services i.e. insurance company.

Therefore, it is very important to have the best group medicalim plan for the employees as it directly affects the employee benefits and the employer's goodwill.

Group Mediclaim Policy will be available to any Association/Group/Institution/Corporate-body having the group size more then 15.

Here are some basic recommendations one should take while looking for a Group Mediclaim Plan for employees.

  • Identity a good advisor with the expertise in health Insurance Advisory and Insurance Claims (preferably an Insurance Broker)
  • Remember you can delete/add employees by getting/paying credit of proportionate premium for the remaining year.
  • Keep a tab on the claims, and try to understand them.

Following are the core features offered by the Bajaj Capital Insurance with respect to Group Mediclaim plans-

  • User can see self details(Name,email,contact No,Age,Gender,DOB,sum Insured,Policy No,Card Number,Period of Cover,Status)
  • user can see his family member details(Name,ID Card Number,Gender,DOB,Relation )
  • print e-card,download e-card as PDF,send email of e-card details,send sms of e-card details
  • Claim for Cashless(Network hospital)
  • Claim for Reimbursement(Non -Network hospital)
  • Network Hospital List
  • Claim Status
  • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Feedback
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