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Health insurance plans for senior citizens is very important because of the lack of quality care at busy hospitals. Insurance policies, in general, act as a shield against risks and unforeseen circumstances. Health Insurance Plans for senior citizens in India are provided by number of insurance providers; hence you have to take a smart decision while selecting the mediclaim plan.

With the advancement of the medical science almost any illness can be cured but high cost of the medical treatment can be tough to afford. Increasing cost of the medical expenses can impose a financial burden on anyone especially in the old age. So make sure choose the right health insurance plan that met all your needs.

Following are the some important aspects that need to check before buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan:

Entry Age- Entry age for senior citizen health insurance plan is 60 to 80 years. However the entry age may vary company to company or policy to policy.

Pre Existing Disease coverage- One of the most important aspect of the any health insurance plan is pre existing disease coverage. In case of senior citizen most of the insurance providers offer cover for treating a pre existing critical illness with respect to some terms and conditions. So it's necessary to check the kind of coverage that insurer offers.

Premium Amount- Generally people think senior citizen health insurance plans are expensive and if a person looking for a pre existing condition than insurer will charge extra premium.

But there are always options in the market. Bajaj Capital Insurance provides you the facility to compare and choose the best offer which helps you in buying the health insurance policy in affordable premium cost with maximum benefits.

Renewal Age- Generally the health insurance renewal age for senior citizens is 90 years, however it may vary from insurer to insurer.

Sum Assured- Sum assured and Sum Insured are completely two different thing. Sum Assured is pre-defined benefit that insurance company pays to the policyholder in the insured event. A Sum Insured is maximum limit of liability of insurance company. Feel the difference before buying the insurance policy.
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