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Here are some Dos and Don'ts for buying Travel Insurance

  • Plan for your Travel Insurance ahead of time just as you plan for your visa and so on.
  • Take care to fill in the proposal form completely and truthfully after getting the necessary medical tests done and obtaining the medical report as required
  • Plan for the travel period ahead of time and ensure that your insurance covers the entire period
  • If you have to extend the period of cover, plan for it before the cover expires and provide the required documents to the insurer.
  • Make sure you have gone through the policy document completely and make a note of the contact details of the agency servicing the claims so that it is handy in the event of an emergency.
  • If you are cutting short your travel period, check your policy to see if you are entitled for a refund.

  • Don't postpone taking your travel insurance till the last minute.
  • Don't get pushed into taking a cover only as recommended by your travel agent. Get as much information as possible and exercise your choice.
  • Don't get tempted to opt for the cheapest cover as it might not meet your needs.
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